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Yeah. Pretty much.

Asked to name a smell they might associate with this election, participants in a focus group conducted by Peter Hart in Wisconsin last week gave the following responses: “sulfur,” “rotten eggs,” "garbage,” “manure” and a “skunk’s fart.”

ISIS protest exclusion from Olympics

(From the UnNews section of the Uncyclopedia):

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The greatest flip-flop is yet to come

Trump now says he plans to legalize some undocumented immigrants

"Trump plans to announce a major shift on immigration policy next week. The Republican candidate met Saturday with Hispanic leaders who said he told them he regrets prior comments about Mexicans."

This man is the biggest con man of all time...
First there was the Russian hacking into the DNC's emails, and Trump's call for the Russians to hack into his opponent's communications; then there were the allegations of deep Russian connections amidst Trump's highest-ranking aides... And now, somewhat logically, comes this.

Secret Ledger in Ukraine Lists Cash for Donald Trump’s Campaign Chief

Another day, another piece of drama coming from Putin's general direction...

What's next, blood-letting?

Another pseudo-scientific fad, or a revolutionary old-new re-discovered invention?

The bodies of a number of Rio Olympic athletes have been covered with red circles from cupping.
The easier (lazier?) answer could be that there simply hasn't been a single female presidential candidate offered by either of the two main parties. Two women have, however, won nominations for VP candidates: Geraldine Ferraro and Sarah Palin. In other words, few if any qualified women have campaigned for the job.

On the other hand...

Can an entire state be an asshole?

How is this democracy?

North Carolina legislature researched black voting practices to suppress turn out

Good thing this law was struck down. It was so obviously racially discriminatory that it had the word "watermelon" written all over it.

They've even admitted it outright...


Some might wonder why Trump has picked Mike "Whoever the fuck this guy is" Pence for VeePee. Especially since him being a Guvnah' means there are limitations to potential election donations to the Trump campaign from now on. Such is the law, after all - and there is some sense to that law, since it's meant to curb possible corruption in election politics. What's more, picking up Pence means you lose the moderate, socially-liberal-leaning vote (you wouldn't want to vote for someone who wants to limit civil rights, after all - including gay rights, if you are part of that segment).

What a strategist Trump is, heh?...
Just when I thought Bush wouldn't be able to slip ever deeper into early onset dementia...

If W can pull such stunts 8 years after the end of his presidency, imagine the level of senility Trump could reach at that point.

Here are some theories...

Sanders feels the Bern

The inevitable is about to happen (some have falsely reported that it has happened already), and Bernie is going to endorse Hillary, in order to, as he vowed, defeat Trump at any cost. So some of his supporters are now turning the "bern" on him. And in quite a hostile way:


What's wrong with these people!?...



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