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Cruz: is he done?

Small Super-Tuesday has gone, and Cruz was left empty-handed (as expected). After the NY defeat and this handful of other, more recent defeats, is he now practically finished?

Well, he believes not. Or does he?

Republican Cruz, hoping to revive struggling campaign, taps Fiorina as No. 2

Looks more like the desperate move...
Romania expelled from the Eurovision Song Contest

For the first time in the 61 year history of the Eurovision Song Contest, a country has been expelled from the competition.

Romania has been thrown out of the competition after its national broadcaster TVR failed to make payments to the European Broadcasting Union (the organisers of the Eurovision Song Contest) that date as far back as 2007.


Eurovision Song Contest 2016: Belarus’s act Ivan wants to perform naked while flanked by wolves…

Eurovision fans are no strangers to seeing the weird and the wonderful happen on stage – but things might just reach a new peak if this year’s Belarussian act gets his way.

For shame, Brazil!

Last evening the Brazilian parliament saw the longest session in its entire history. Never before have the Brazilian MPs shown such zeal as yesterday, during the impeachment vote against president Dilma Rousseff. Certainly not at the time the important measures against corruption were being discussed, or the urgently needed reform of the Brazilian political system. The impeachment procedure was supported by 367 MPs. Only 137 were against.

Dilma stands accused of having exaggerated the data about the government budget during her first term (2011-2014) in order to be re-elected. The real data would've probably cost her presidency in 2014. So she forged it.

OK, but let`s take a step back here...

Two sides of the Occupy/Teaparty coin

Quite an interesting piece, this.

Revolutionaries Have to Be Smart and Ruthless

Particularly this part:

"Look, I understand the sentiment that the system is rotten and the game is rigged. I do. But I don’t take people seriously who seek power but have no real idea how power works. If you want to be the nominee of the Republican or the Democratic Party, you need to figure out how that can be done. And, if you’re an outsider who is running with a message that the gatekeepers are all a bunch of losers and morons, or that they’re all corrupted by money, then you’ll need a plan for winning the people you’ve insulted over to your side."

Here`s the deal...
I'm intrigued by the level of apathy inherent to that case. I suspect it is insurmountable. The Snowden leaks did nothing, this will probably pass right over the heads of the peasantry as well. Really, what are we actually expecting to happen? The Snowden leaks have had an impact and are talked about constantly in reference to government snooping - but so what? Are we expecting some sort of revolution? Meh.

I hate to sound cynical, but...

Fox found!

O, look! There's a fish on Mars!

Sheesh. Gotta give it to those Martian UFO hunters, eh? After noticing a face, then an ape, and then a giant mouse on Mars, now comes this.

There's A Big Fish Fossil On Mars, UFO Blogger Claims Upon Seeing Latest NASA Curiosity Rover Photo

The "fish" in question:

So there. This proves everything. Mars was once covered with an ocean. Ergo, we come from Mars.

Atta boy, House of Commons!

Plymouth MP's veterans debate sees benches left empty in House of Commons

A debate into veterans care in the House of Commons introduced by a Plymouth MP has seen benches left empty with most MPs already leaving for their Easter break.

Not a single Labour MP was present at the beginning of the debate while only a handful of MPs from the Conservative party attended.

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