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Going after the bad banksters

Gotta love those nice banks (who, of course, being corporations, are people - and the best people of all sorts of people). The taxpayers bailed them out during the financial crisis because they were too-nice-to-fail, and yet, after having the bulk of that money to give huge bonuses to themselves for a job well done, they then turn around and do this:

Lawsuit accuses 22 banks of manipulating US Treasury auctions

Banksters breaking the law, oh say it ain`t so.. Shocked, I am shocked!...

What would work for Hillary?

Political elections may've largely become about presenting one's political "product" as cool, hip, modern, and relevant. The last time Hillary was defeated in the primaries, it was because of the messianic racially-diverse card, and of course the hope-and-change meme that Obama's team were quite skillful at using. Without that, Hillary would've probably beaten him back there and then.

Now things are a bit different...

Rush's slow downfall continues

Rush Limbaugh’s Death Spiral Continues As He Gets Demoted To Low Rated Boston Station

To summarize. The good news for Rush: just a month after being notified he was getting the boot by his Boston talk radio host station, the talker has a new AM home in the city (a liberal stronghold, btw). The bad news: the station currently boasts a meager 0.6 rating, trails 4 non-commercial stations on the market, and is basically yet another big-city, cellar-dwelling outpost that Limbaugh is forced to call home.

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Poor guy (literally)

Rapper 50 Cent files for bankruptcy

He was recently sued after posting a sex tape online.

Now he'll have to rename himself to Penintos Leptonis, i.e. 50 Cent. :)

Those guys are building like crazy

New Qatar mall to equal the size of 50 football fields

Set to open its doors in 2016, Mall of Qatar will become the biggest shopping and entertainment complex in Qatar and aims to become a premier shopping destination in the Middle East.

Prayers rather than praise for Portugal

The more the Greek default is closing in, the more Portugal is being praised. The smaller of the two big Iberian countries, although usually considered peripheral to Europe, is now being cited as an example for other countries in crisis - including by the German foreign minister Steinmeier during his visit there a month ago.

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Skin Cancer: You Could Save a Life

15 Biggest Sunscreen Mistakes

Common ways you're screwing up sunscreen, and how to truly protect yourself from the sun.

By now, you probably know that you should use sunscreen every day both to help reduce your risk of skin cancer and to prevent pesky wrinkles, dark spots, and other signs of premature aging. Yet even people who do slather it on religiously make potentially dangerous mistakes. Here are the most common ways you're messing up with sunscreen—and how to truly protect yourself from UV rays.
As irrational as that particular brand of fear and hatred my be, some may've occasionally done the futile exercise of attempting to comprehend where it's coming from - against the advice of all past experience from encounters with bigots. Well, after a somewhat thorough sifting through tons of disgusting and outright nauseating displays of pure hatred, I've come up with this, hardly exhaustive, list of possible rationalizations for homophobia. With the respective counter-arguments (as if there's any reasoning with that sort of people, but still).

While we`re about stupid talking points...

On this whole Confederate Flag debacle

Yeah, well, hardly a surprise that South Carolina is considering just now the maybe-possibility of taking down the Confederate Flag from its government buildings. After all, didn't another exemplary southern state, Mississippi, officially ban slavery just a couple of years ago?

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