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Some might wonder why Trump has picked Mike "Whoever the fuck this guy is" Pence for VeePee. Especially since him being a Guvnah' means there are limitations to potential election donations to the Trump campaign from now on. Such is the law, after all - and there is some sense to that law, since it's meant to curb possible corruption in election politics. What's more, picking up Pence means you lose the moderate, socially-liberal-leaning vote (you wouldn't want to vote for someone who wants to limit civil rights, after all - including gay rights, if you are part of that segment).

What a strategist Trump is, heh?...
Just when I thought Bush wouldn't be able to slip ever deeper into early onset dementia...

If W can pull such stunts 8 years after the end of his presidency, imagine the level of senility Trump could reach at that point.

Here are some theories...

Sanders feels the Bern

The inevitable is about to happen (some have falsely reported that it has happened already), and Bernie is going to endorse Hillary, in order to, as he vowed, defeat Trump at any cost. So some of his supporters are now turning the "bern" on him. And in quite a hostile way:


What's wrong with these people!?...

A Brexit analogy

At some point in our lives, almost every idiot with a penis has had the moronic thought “Man, I'd get so much more pussy if I was single.”

Texit!? Bullshit.

This has become the fad of the day, eh? From Scotxit-2 to Finxit to Slovakxit... now to Texit. Trump doesn't seem impressed, though. He believes Texas loves him. The same way he believed the Scots loved the Brexit (which they don't of course).

But seriously...

First time he has hit the target this Euro

Joachim "Jogi" Loew s(t)inks to new loews

For the record, that's the guy who regularly makes marbles out of his snot in front of thousands of people.
"According to a Morning Consult survey of 1,362 registered voters released Friday, 50 percent of voters think Trump’s comments about Judge Curiel were racist. Another 19 percent of voters said that while the comments weren’t racist, they were unacceptable. Even 56 percent of Republican voters viewed Trump’s remarks as either racist or unacceptable."


Just a few things to note...



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