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What's up with that Kasich guy?

Out of nowhere, in comes Kasich. He ended up 2nd in New Hampshire in the GOP primary, and I was like, "John-Who?" But then again, I'm something of an outsider to US home politics, granted.

So I'd appreciate some education here....

One, two, three, fight!

Obama knows exactly what he's doing

That's what Marco Rubio repeated several times during the latest GOP debate, which earned him a lot of boos, and caused quite a sparring between him and Chris Christie and Donald Trump.

I think it's easy to understand why...

Making the Constitution great again!

Some have caused the Iowa result "bursting Trump's bubble". But not so fast. The New Hampshire polls suggest Trump has an overwhelming advantage over his primary rival. As does Sanders over Hillary, btw.

I've heard that Rubio's 3rd place was a surprise, but, given the last time he showed up in Iowa, and his Evangelical backing, I'd say neither this, nor Cruz' win is a surprise. Besides, Rubio could thank Rove-Fox a big thank you for their overwhelming bias in his favor.

Anyway. Your thoughts on the result?

Fuck that shit

I wonder who'll say they didn't see that coming...

Teenage girl admits making up migrant rape claim that outraged Germany
Allegation by 13-year-old sparked far-right protests and anger in the Kremlin.
Rouhani in Europe: Italy covers nudes for Iran president

Italian hospitality for the visiting Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has stretched to covering up nude statues.

Why did the Italians cover their statues for this visit?

A glorified seagull, lol

This guy is comedy gold. Truly.

Yet one more word-vomit from the mouth of the Donald. He suggested he could shoot someone in a crowded area and still keep voters, speaking at a rally in Iowa Saturday. As we might expect, multiple reporters, including ones from CNN and CBS, instantly picked up Trump's remarks.

The master of hyperbole does his thing again...

Show your birth certificate, Ted!

Cruz' douchebag-ey remarks about "New York values" aside (for the record, he's an asshole), it now seems The Donald is trying to troll Ted hard. There's this old trope about birth certificates, not being American enough, etc, that he has pulled out of the closet once more. It never gets old, does it?

Here's the thing...

Happy Satanic New Year! ;-)



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